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Can I have more than one magazine?
Yes! Currently you can have as many as 10 magazines at one time. If you need more, drop us an email at

Can I add my magazine(s) to my blog or website?
Yes. Currently we support integration into your existing blog or website in these ways:
  • total customization of the look and feel of your magazine to match your blog's look and feel
  • custom header image for your magazine which can be linked back to any page of your blog
  • just link to your magazine from your blog or website and link the header image back to your blog

We will be adding very very soon these supporting features:
  • one-click automated matching of your magazine to your blog's look and feel
  • domain matching, allowing your magazine to appear as a page within your domain

Please let us know any suggestions or requests you have at VIP @ Thanks!

Can I just use my magazine(s) for personal purposes?
Yes, absolutely. Many people find Kuratur magazines to be a great way to keep track of the people, topics and conversations that matter to them while filtering out the noise of social media.
Which social networks can I include on my Kuratur magazine(s)?
Currently we support Twitter, Facebook and any blog that shares an RSS feed.

We will be adding all the major social networks over the next several weeks. We'd love to hear from you regarding which network(s) you think should be added first! Email us at VIP @ or drop us a Tweet @Kuratur.
Are Kuratur magazines search engine friendly?
Yes, we have specifically designed our magazines to be search engine friendly. We'll be adding the ability for you to customize your own meta-tags in the future, as well.

Meanwhile, you can make your magazine(s) optimal for search engines by using the Header, Sub-header and Text content units. These are static elements the remain the same on your magazine, while the content itself changes when new posts arrive from your selected content sources. By using Header, Sub-header, and Text units containing the keywords you want to be found for via the search engines on your magazine, you optimize your magazine's search engine friendliness.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us at VIP @ or by Tweeting to us @Kuratur.

How can I suppress text-only Tweets from my magazine?
If you to suppress text-only Tweets (you know, like, "I just had oatmeal for breakfast!") from your magazine, here's what to do:

Enter this:   http://

into the the "All of these words" filter field in the Twitter content unit.
Can I include other people's or company's Twitter or Facebook pages in my magazine?
Yes, you can include any publicly available Twitter account or Facebook Page in your magazine.

Personal Facebook accounts cannot be included. Private/protected Twitter accounts cannot be included.

You also can include any RSS feed available on the web (most blogs offer an RSS feed of their content which allows you to syndicate it into your magazine).

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us a VIP @ or Tweet to us at @Kuratur.
What exactly is a Kuratur magazine?
A Kuratur magazine is an automated web page that you can create using content sources curated from Twitter, Facebook, and blogs (RSS feeds). You can put together any combination of curated sources on your page to tell the story you want to tell.

For example, if you have an upcoming conference, you might put together a Kuratur page of the Twitter feeds of each of the people who will be speaking at the conference.

If you work in a specific field, you might create your page from Twitter and RSS feeds of the experts and journalists you most admire in that field.

The content, layout and look/feel of your Kuratur page is completely under your control. It's YOUR magazine to tell your story. And, it updates as often as you want, up to once an hour. Use it to build your credibility and boost SEO.